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 Student clubs, which contribute to the personal and professional development of the students

Scholarships and discounts
  • Students applying from partner universities (global or Erasmus partners) are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Students who have siblings registered at Yaşar University may benefit from a 15% discount.
  • International Office Scholarships: Students who have a good track record in their previous studies may apply for International Office Scholarships while applying to Yaşar University. A limited number of scholarships are available and will be awarded to the most successful candidates. Within the quota determined, scholarships for international office will be 100%, 50%, and 25% basis.
  • Academic Achievement Scholarships: Undergraduate students enrolled at Yaşar University are eligible for scholarships based on their academic performance. Any student, who has completed the first academic year with achievement, will be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship. Within the quota determined, scholarships for the following academic year will be awarded on a 100%, 50%, and 25% basis. For further information, please consult to student affairs directorate.
  • The University campus is centrally located which means there are many flats, houses, and other accommodation options available. International Office is always available to provide assistance in finding accommodation that suits best each student’s needs.
  • The newly built halls of residence are located within five minutes walk of the university campus. They offer students a safe and comfortable environment as well as providing entertainment options during their study years. The buildings accommodate some 400 students. All rooms (twin or triple bed options) have en-suite bathrooms and are furnished to the highest standard with the students’ needs in mind. A mini-fridge, free unlimited wireless internet access, hot water (24 hours a day), as well as central heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, are also provided. Other facilities include a refectory, a café, a market shop, a laundry, and an ATM. Of course, there are many lounges and social spaces for meeting friends and hanging out. There are also study rooms, a TV room, and areas for playing table tennis, billiards, and keeping fit on the treadmills.
  • People with special needs are welcome at the Halls of Residence. The architecture of the buildings is such that they provide easy wheelchair access. Priority has also been given to the design of the interior, for example, the toilet and shower facilities, to make life easy for people with special needs. 
Campus life
  • Our campus is an academic area operating international standards in terms of providing students with a natural environment and physical space. In order to provide physically disabled students with an environment in which they can move easily, there are elevators and ramp mechanisms on campus. It is forbidden to smoke in both the open and indoor places on the whole of the campus. Selcuk Yasar Campus is the first campus in Turkey to enact this rule. The campus carries values of an academic environment applying international standards which are the requirements of civilization
  • Selcuk Yasar Campus has studios, workplaces, laboratories especially for each department besides the classrooms furnished with high technology. The student clubs founded by the students are active in the fields of culture, art, and sports so that students can put their free time to good use with socio-economic activities.
  • In Selçuk Yaşar Campus, food is prepared. The daily lunch menu includes soup, two main courses, fruit, 3 side dishes, yogurt, salad, and 3 kinds of desserts. (Two alternatives of diabetic food are also available ) The establishments which provide a good environment and service to the students, and also furnish the daily life on the campus include;
  • Yaşar University has a number of student clubs, which contribute to the personal and professional development of the students and also allow them to engage in various activities in a participative social environment. The student clubs are active all year round and carry out activities that are both educational and contribute to the social development of the students. Yaşar University students graduate as creative young intellectuals who are sensitive to the environment and all forms of life as a result of the arts and project-based education of the University, with the awareness of social responsibility and the belief that science is the only true guide. In this context, the students are offered a wide selection of activities based on their areas of interest. Currently, there are 47 clubs focusing on a specific vocation or area of interest, while students may apply to establish new clubs if the need should arise.
  • Health services in the University are provided by the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate. The Yaşar University Health Centre is the first point of application for students experiencing any kind of health problem.
  • The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Centre aims to provide services to maintain the psychological health of students. University students may experience a lot of stress.
  • n accordance with the “Regulations for the Counseling and Coordination of Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions” prepared by the Higher Education Council and published in the Official Gazette dated 20.06.2006 issue 26204, a Disability Counseling and Coordination Centre, reporting to the Yaşar University Rectorate, has been established.
  • Also, wireless internet connection is provided in every part of the campus. Document transformation regarding official documents is also implemented online. To reduce paper consumption, the announcements in our campus are made through digital announcement screens in particular points.

Council of Higher Education  (YÖK)

Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs  (MUDEK)

Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA)

Radio-TV and cinema, Visual Communication Design and Public Relations and Advertising programs accredited by ILAD 

Quality English medium teaching accredited by  CEA American  

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